Bandai Namco has dropped two new English subbed videos for Summer Lesson; one featuring Hikari in a maid outfit and another interacting with her in her room. No, not that kind of “interaction”.

The new video shows off customiseable outfits, as well as a short scene in a cafe setting.

The second video also shows off new outfits, as well as more interactions with Hikari, plus cake! Not all the footage is brand new though, as it also touches on the whole treating of Hikari’s bug bite which was detailed in an earlier video.

For those unfamiliar with it, Summer Lesson is a PlayStation VR experience that puts you in the shoes of Hikari Miyamoto’s summer tutor for seven days, and the interactions and situations that follow.

Bandai Namco will be releasing an English-subbed version for the SEA region any day now (early 2017 release) via digital download on the PlayStation Network.