A new update is coming for Super Mario Run later this month.

The new update will include a brand new playable character, a new mode AND a new world for both the iOS and Android versions of the game.

The character in question is Daisy, which puts her as the seventh playable character in the roster, and the new world is called World Star. The new world will have nine new levels and will unlock after you’ve completed worlds 1-6, and will be home to new gameplay mechanics and enemies.

The new mode is called Remix 10, which mixes up random sections of existing levels, that will let players collect new items to decorate their Mushroom Kingdom. Here’s the official description:

Remix 10 is a frenetic new mode in which you play a set of 10 super-short sections from Super Mario Run’s existing levels in quick succession. The stages are remixed with each attempt, and with rainbow-colored bonus medals strewn across these bite-sized stages, it’s a fresh challenge every time.

Last but not least, the game will allow you to listen to your own music while playing it and characters will wear headphones while you play. Super Mario Run will be on sale for 50% off from 29 September to 12 October to promote the update.