Bandai Namco has just announced that they are bringing SUPER ROBOT WARS OG THE MOON DWELLERS to SEA with English localisation!

The English localisation of the game is set to hit the PlayStation 4 this year, featuring the original Japanese voiceovers but with English subtitles, exclusively in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

Super Robot Wars is basically a simulation RPG that allows you to use various robots from different anime series to fight a common enemy. Previously the series couldn’t be sold in English due to licencing problems, which is expected as the game has material from many different IPs.

You can check out the gameplay here:

They haven’t released a solid release date for the English version of OG THE MOON DWELLER but it will be out this year on the PS4. More will be released on Bandai Namco’s Facebook page when the time comes.