star wars the force awakens

Bad news for those looking forward to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD. While there will have deleted scenes included in the set, there will be no extended or directors cut, as detailed by director J.J Abrams.

Abrams is known for disliking directors cuts and given that the first run of the film ended up being 170 minutes long there was a lot more they had to scrap off. So while there’s a good half hour of extra footage (the cinema version is 136 minutes long) it won’t be presented in context with the film.

Some of the scenes involve Maz Kanata (maybe a bit more exposition?) and some of the trailers leading up the movie’s premier even featured footage that didn’t make it into the actual movie.

maz kanata

Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered 18 December last year and has pulled in over $764.4 million as of 6 Jan, making it the highest grossing film in North American movie history.

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