Heads up KATS, the creators of SWAT-KATS are attempting to bring back the Radical Squadron and they need your help!

Christian and Yvon Tremblay are the original creators of the show that brought us high flying action in MEGAKAT city over 20 years ago. The pair owns the TV and theatrical rights (that means they can make movies too!) to the series we know and love so they pretty much can produce ANYTHING related to the IP that they can possibly think of. If they can hit their stretch goals, we might be seeing more than just a mini series but even a 70 minute direct to streaming movie. The Tremblays are also trying to rope in the original production crew for SWAT-KATS so the material stays true to the source.

As for the campaign, they are also offering limited edition prints and other nostalgic merchandise as thanks for the support, which includes signed original production art, limited edition prints and of course, T-shirts emblazoned with the project logo.

As of the moment the project is already half-funded with 29 days to go, so we’re quite sure the new series is going to be reality but head on over anyway to give them a hand.


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