Sword Art Online and Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) are collaborating for these fine computer glasses inspired by Kirito’s Elucidator and Dark Repulser, Asuna’s Lambent Light, and Sinon’s Hecate II!

All three models come with blue light cutting lenses (37.2%) and cut UV light by over 99.9%, which makes them great for ensuring your eyes don’t get dry and tired so easily during your gaming sessions.

Or if you’re like me and you actually need prescription lenses, they can be swapped out for normal lenses as well.

All three sets are currently on display in a specialty shop in Akihabara, but you can also reserve them online.

Check them out below!

Kirito Model:

  • Asymmetrical temples designed based on Elucidator and Dark Repulser
  • Silver detail on both end pieces inspired by his Black Knight outfit
  • Comes with a black case and cleaning cloth w/ Kirito’s silhouette

Asuna Model:

  • Sparkly temples designed based on Lambent Light
  • Silver details on both end pieces inspired by Asuna’s Knights of the Blood outfit
  • Comes with a red case and cleaning cloth w/ Asuna’s silhouette

Sinon Model:

  • Laser engraved temples designed based on Sinon’s Hecate II
  • Trendy under-rim style frame with a butterfly-like square shape
  • Comes with a blue case and cleaning cloth w/ Sinon’s silhouette

You can order yours here!