Otherside Entertainment’s website recently sprouted a countdown clock, counting down to the reveal of System Shock 3.

The timer is set for four days time, and will reveal a sequel to Looking Glass Studio’s cyberpunk shooter. The teaser page is currently sporting a new message, and will probably reveal more as it grinds towards the big reveal.

systen shock 3_1

This is great for fans of the series because the last game was waaay back in 1999 and they’ve been really wanting a new game. Otherside comprises of several members of the original Looking Glass team so we’re pretty sure they’re more than capable of bringing back what we so sorely crave.

Night Dive Studios (the current holder of the System Shock IP) is working on a HD remaster of the original System Shock as well, having released an enhanced port of the game not too long back.

We’re waiting anxiously to see what the countdown will reveal so we will keep you updated on what happens next.