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Behold! Ninja Slayer is coming for you!

Supposedly written by American writers who loves Japanese chambara culture a bit too obsessively, it becomes a Twitter sensation which later becomes a novel. Now, it evolves into an anime series.

Ghost in the Shell singer Origa passes away

The Russian singer who gave us the haunting vocals in some of Yokko Kanno's Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex tracks has passed on

Cross Ange is getting a game

The infamous fan service lesbian mecha anime Cross Ange is getting a game. Wonder if the game will feature those intimate scenes too?

New details on Ghost in the Shell Arise movie emerge

Ghost in the Shell fans are in for a treat as the Arise series is not done yet. And it is the 25th anniversary for the franchise too.

Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There anime is given a greenlight

Fantasy mixed with modern military anime is ready to deploy and rock and roll.

Gunslinger Stratos is getting animated

The Square Enix 3rd person, multiplayer shooter for the arcade now gets its own anime adaptation

Triage X anime series confirmed for April 2015

Fan service anime about sexy nurses who moonlighting as assassins. Yes, nurses.

Top 5 New Anime to Watch this Summer 2014

Not sure what anime to catch? We've got the 5 summer 2014 animes you'll want to check out