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Thor: Ragnarok director wants Asian actors for their live-action Akira adaptation

Looks like there's hope that the upcoming live-action Akira adaptation will, in fact, be safe from whitewashing, as director Taika Waititi wants Asian actors...
Akira x Supreme Collaboration

Looks like an Akira x Supreme collab might be dropping pretty soon

The most hyped streetwear brand Supreme will be collaborating with Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo pretty soon
Akira image

Thor: Ragnarok director in talks to direct live-action Akira movie

Looks like the live-action Akira by Warner Bros might finally head into production if this goes through

Funan Anime Matsuri cosplay event will feature escape rooms and celebrity cosplayers

The final Anime Matsuri event runs 6th to 12th June at Singapore's Funan DigitaLife Mall with free attendance. Singapore's largest cosplay event returns for its fourth...
Classic Akira

Mad Max director turns down live-action Akira Movie

George Miller, director for the Mad Max films has turned down an offer to work on the supposed live action Akira movie. Looks like the...

Christopher Nolan in Akira?

Christopher Nolan might be game for a live adaptation of Akira?
Classic Akira

New development in live action Akira

Warner Bros' attempt to get the live action adaptation of Akira up and running has so far proven to be difficult. Originally, the studio got...