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Voice actress Ai Takabe arrested for cocaine possession

Ai Takabe 27, the voice actress in Aoi Hana (2009) as Fumi Manjoume, Hourou Musuko (2011) as Maiko, Sacred Seven (2011) as SP, and...

Subaru’s official itasha of Hokago no Pleiades is on sale

Subaru has unveiled the one and only WRX 4, a turbo charged sedan equipped with all wheel drive model with Hokago no Pleiades anime...

Gangsta. Blu-ray/DVD release delayed to an unknown date

The official site for the Gangsta. TV anime series announced that the release of DVD and Blu-ray in Japan is getting postphoned from its original...

Newtype Anime Awards 2015 announced

During the Machi Asobi event last weekend at the hometown of famous studio ufotable in Tokushima, the final results of major anime magazine news...
Gintama delayed due to author being unwell

Gintama manga will be on the break and plans to return on 19 October

The mangaka of Gintama got sick and will be absent for 2 weeks from now
Gakkou Gurashi Anime 1

Gakkou Gurashi! manga sales skyrocket, but Blu-ray & DVD sales not so much

Gakkou Gurashi! or School-Live! had mixed success and the anime sequel hopes looks a bit challenging. Despair and gloom for the fans of the series?
mangalobe logo

Studio Manglobe, makers of Samurai Champloo and Gangsta is bankrupt

Studio Mangalobe is going bankrupt in sudden manner, some of its staff is not taking it too well.

Japanese fans voted the most deserving sequel animes of all time

Japanese fans voted which anime need sequel the most recently via AnimeAnime site

Zero no Tsukaima light novels will continue

Revived from the dead, the popular fantasy harem series will have a new writer

Shoji Kawamori will be making an appearance at VAX 2015

The renowned mecha designer and founder of transformable humaniod machines is set to appear at Visual Arts Expo 2015 held in Malaysia.