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Batman Ninja Main pic

There’s a Ninja Batman Anime coming in 2018

Batman gets his anime debut and he's going to be a ninja!
Tokyo Ghoul re main

Tokyo Ghoul:re anime is coming in 2018!

Finally! Tokyo Ghoul's sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:re is finally being made into an anime

The Kimi No Na Wa studio is working on a romance anime about tires

Looks like success has brought some new works for the Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) studio

Boruto just brutally killed off a character

Welp, it looks like someone just got killed off in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It was hinted some time back that someone would die in...

Black Clover has one big problem that is annoying some fans

Black Clover is out but some fans think that the Main character's voice is annoying af

Someone made an anime ending for Spongebob

If you remember the anime opening that someone made for Spongebob a few months ago, you'll be happy to find that an ending animation...
Akira x Supreme Collaboration

Looks like an Akira x Supreme collab might be dropping pretty soon

The most hyped streetwear brand Supreme will be collaborating with Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo pretty soon

Japanese anime to prominently feature ultra-realistic Canon cameras

There's a new anime in town and it probably has the most accurately drawn cameras in the history of anime. The anime in question is...

Sword Art Online is getting an anime adaptation based on the Alicization arc

Sword Art Online is getting another TV anime adaptation, this time focusing on their Alicization arc from the light novel series. The news came from...
The harem of Kirito, hero of SAO

Live-action Sword Art Online Hollywood series gets its producers

Now there are actual writers and producers for the upcoming live-action Sword Art Online TV series. Oh please don't let it suck