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Deathstroke to return in Season 6 of Arrow

Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke is one of the most popular DC villains and watching him go toe to toe with the Green Arrow in...

We’re really digging Hot Topic’s DC Comics TV jackets

Hot Topic has done their share of fashion collabs with DC, recently releasing a new line of jackets based in the DC Comics TV...

The first Arrow Season 4 trailer is now out

First revealed in Dragon Con, the new Arrow Season 4 trailer promises hell of a lot of action, and some surprises

John Diggle has a new costume for Arrow Season 4

John Diggle has a New Costume for Arrow Season 4 but will it go well with the fans?

There’s a new costume and tagline for Arrow Season 4

Aim higher? Looks that way with the a new costume and tagline for Arrow Season 4

The greatest moments of San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Missed out on San Diego Comic-Con 2015? Here are the greatest moments all compiled for your pleasure

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Trailers is here!!!

The trailer for the Arrow/The Flash spin off is out and boy does it get us excited

6 DC characters that had a good year

2014 was a good year for DC but these 6 DC characters especially had a really good run and here's why

6 reasons the DC movies will be great

So Marvel has a head start in the movie world but maybe, just maybe DC's new movie lineups will be great. Here are 6 reasons why