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iflix adds six new animes dubbed in Tagalog to their library

iflix is adding a handful of animes dubbed in Tagalog to their extensive library; thanks to Philippine-based licensor Telesuccess Productions producing the dubs. The shows...
Your Winter anime 2015

These are the must watch Winter season anime

Need some anime to warm you during the winter? Then you have to check out our must watch winter season anime for 2015/2016

Second Season of Assassination Classroom confirmed

The second season of Assassination Classroom has been confirmed and its set for a January 2016 release

Assassination Classroom is ready for the 3DS

Get ready to kill Koro-Sensei in Namco Bandai's latest 3DS game.

Top 5 new Anime to watch for Winter 2015

Winter's here and though pickings for new anime are pretty slim, here are our top 5 new anime to catch.

Assassination Classroom anime confirmed for 2015

The whacky shonen anime is getting its first 25 episode anime run come January 2015