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Superman vs batman Funko Pop main

Batman vs Superman Funko POPs now available at The Loot Chest

Can't wait for the Batman VS Superman movie? How about getting the Funko POPs?
Batman Vs Superman: Kryptonite interceptor Lego box

Batman vs Superman Lego revealed

Excited for the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie? Then you'll be even more pumped up for the Batman Vs Superman Lego set

Check out the official trailer of Batman v Superman as shown at SDCC 2015

Will this trailer convince people to watch the movie next year, hopefully launching a cinematic universe that rivals Marvel?

Check out Batman’s gadgets and toys in Batman v Superman

Warner Bros. and DC is fighting for the hearts and minds at SDCC 2015

New official images of Batman v Superman here

Warner Bros. is pushing the movie very hard and Comic-Con 2015 could be the deciding point

New rumours emerge of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A new rumour is out about Aquaman and The Flash in Dawn of Justice.

New promo stills for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

We have official synopsis plus interesting image promotional campaign to hype up the clash between DC's greatest heroes.

Armoured Lex Luthor fighting Superman?

Rumours are going wild that the baldie might have something to even out the odds fighting Superman

Have a look at Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

First official promo image from highly anticipated DC movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it's the bad guy.

6 reasons the DC movies will be great

So Marvel has a head start in the movie world but maybe, just maybe DC's new movie lineups will be great. Here are 6 reasons why