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Fallout for comic

Video games that need their own comic series

Video games have really intricate story lines, just perfect for comics. Here are a few that we think should get their own comic series NOW!

Have a look at Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

First official promo image from highly anticipated DC movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it's the bad guy.

First Comic N’ Toys Geek Fest a hit

Western comics, toys and cosplay galore!

6 Marvel titles that’ll restore your faith in superhero comics

Think that superhero comics are just too mainstream and formulaic? Here are 6 Marvel titles that'll restore your faith in the genre

CBS confirms that Supergirl is ready for take off

Who will be the female version of Man of Steel? Let's have a look.

6 DC characters that had a good year

2014 was a good year for DC but these 6 DC characters especially had a really good run and here's why

6 comic things to look forward to in 2015

It's 2015 and there's plenty to look forward to in the realm of comics. Here's some things you might want to take note off

First look at the Daredevil TV series

We have a first look at the Daredevil TV series. Matt Murdock is back in a Netflix series after the monstrosity of movie by Ben Affleck years ago

6 reasons the DC movies will be great

So Marvel has a head start in the movie world but maybe, just maybe DC's new movie lineups will be great. Here are 6 reasons why

Krypton TV series is coming

We got to see more of Superman's home planet in this series