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The dates are in! Comic Fiesta 2017 to run 16-17 December

You heard it right, Comic Fiesta has finally spilled the beans on the date and the location for the 2017 convention! This time around, Comic...

AnimeXover is happening this weekend!

What could be the biggest anime event this side of town is coming to Sunway Pyramid this weekend! AnimeXover will be running on 8-9 April...

Cre.ART expo 2016: Here’s what we think

Conventions tend to be a lot about cosplay, anime and game related stuff but how does Malaysia's first prop-centric convention fare? Here's what we...

Wanna learn to make cool props? CRE.aRT expo is the place to go

If you've ever wished there was a convention out there that focused almost entirely on the craft of cosplay, CRE.aRT is right up your...

Wanna transform into Stranger Things’ Demogorgon? here’s how

Thanks to this awesome YouTube channel and a bit of makeup fx magic, now you too can become a horrifying tooth-faced monster. For those of...

These wearable Dragon Ball Z cardboard armors look fantastic

No time for a costume? well this "Kire chau! Danboru Series" Wearable Cardboard costumes are hitting stores 30 September in Japan. We never thought we'd...

AniManGaki 2016 Roundup: Another year of fun!

Once again AniManGaki opened its doors to the public this year, with the event running over the 27-28 August. Here's a quick overview over...
Animangaki 2016

AniManGaki 2016 announces rules for its Gijinka and Cosplay PX competitions

How much can you look like street food or a handful of pixels? Gijinka is the Japanese word for personification or humanisation, and Malaysian festival...

Run as your fave character for a cause with the Cosplay Run 2016

If you're into cosplay and happen to be an avid runner, here's a charity run/event for you! One of the very first of its kind,...

Comic Fiesta 2015: Here’s what you missed

Malaysia's biggest anime, comics, games and cosplay convention has rolled by and it was absolutely jam packed with awesome things to do and see. This...