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Elf ear earphones: musical fairy ears for your noggin

If you've always wanted pointy ears but couldn't really put on your earphones at the same time, then you might have just found that...

These wearable Dragon Ball Z cardboard armors look fantastic

No time for a costume? well this "Kire chau! Danboru Series" Wearable Cardboard costumes are hitting stores 30 September in Japan. We never thought we'd...

The Maelstrom LARP is back for another run

Following the success of the previous LARP event (LARP standing for Live Action Role Play) Maelstrom Adventures is back for part two! The Waking Rifts,...

First Comic N’ Toys Geek Fest a hit

Western comics, toys and cosplay galore!

Cosplay events list 2015 is up

Need to know where to go? here, have a list!