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Goku gets new form in Dragon Ball Super

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has Goku sporting a brand new form. Slight spoiler warning! The new form is called "Migatte no Gokui",...

New Dragon Ball Super visuals tease “Future Trunks Arc” for the show

Dragon Ball Super is going to have a "Future Trunks Arc" and they've just dropped some visuals and a teaser for the upcoming episodes. The...
Dragon Ball Family

We look at Goku’s rise to Super Saiyan God-hood

The latest Drago Ball Super anime sees Goku power up even more, to almost Super Saiyan God-hood levels. We explore his journey to his current state

New updates on Dragon Ball Super

New details and visual key on the most anticipated shonen anime series of the season

After 18 years, we’re getting a new Dragon Ball TV Anime

It's called Dragon Ball Super and is set right after Dragon Ball Z