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Fantasy Flight’s Fallout boardgame will have you crawling the wasteland

If Fallout Monopoly isn't your thing, Fantasy Flight will be releasing their very own Fallout themed boardgame, just called Fallout. Based on the locales of...

This creeptastic mod will give Fallout 4 a horror twist

If you're into modding out Fallout 4 and you happen to be a serious horror buff (or just plain can't afford to shell out...
Fallout shish kebab

Make brings Fallout’s Shishkebab to life!

Rule of Thumb: if there's something really cool in a video game, someone's probably going to make it for real. The latest addition to...
pip-boy app

You can now have the Pip-Boy on your phone

If you didn't manage to snag yourself the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 don't fret, for you can now download your very own on...

You can now nab Fallout 4’s Nuka-Cola Quantum for real

Fallout 4 is launching in just a couple of weeks, but fans will be pleased that you will be able to irradiate your taste...

Pre-order Fallout 4 on Steam and nab DotA 2 extras

DotA 2 fans now have some extra incentive to pre-order the Steam version of Fallout 4 as players will also receive an announcer pack...
fallout shelter halloween

Fallout Shelter is getting spooky with Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, Fallout Shelter is getting in on the fun with their next update. The All Hallows' Even event will...

Fallout Monopoly is real!

Pass go, collect 200 Caps. Yep Fallout Monopoly is going to be a real thing

Fallout invades real life thanks to Photoshop

Everything from Deathclaws, to the Brotherhood of Steel look real in these pictures.

Fallout Shelter is hitting Android 13 August

Now Android users will get to manage their very own vault