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Kiznaiver gets an update – visual and characters revealed

The official site for Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Ninja Slayer) has updated their current production of Kiznaiver with a visual key and character designs. We...

KyoAni’s Musaigen no Phantom World anime series get a visual key

New information regarding about Souichirou Shinno and Shirabi's Musaigen no Phantom World/Myriads Colors Phantom World or 無彩限のファントム・ワールド anime series has surfaced. The new anime is set to...

Hai to Gensou Grimgal anime confirmed for 2016

Publisher Overlap have announced an anime adaptation for Ao Jyumonji and Eiri Shinrai's light novel series Hai to Gensou Grimgal/Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash or...

New Arslan Senki series is coming next year

During the Arslan Senki/アルスラーン戦記 event “Yashasiin! Carnival!”, a new anime series based on it was announced for 2016. However there isn't much information beyond the short...
The cover for DVD/Blu-ray

Bikini Warriors Blu-Ray and DVD will include unaired “overly explicit” episode

Still remember Bikini Warriors/ビキニ・ウォリアーズ,  that very in-your-face fan-service fantasy anime that just concluded few weeks ago? Well, looks like there is a mysterious episode 13 that...
Alderamin on the Sky gets an anime

Alderamin on the Sky is getting the anime treatment

Alderamin on the Sky, third light novel adapted into anime during Dengeki Bunko festival is announced.
The harem of Kirito, hero of SAO

Sword Art Online movie announced during Dengeki Bunko festival

Dengeki Bunko has announced a Sword Art Online movie. Will it be original story or derived from Aliciazation story arc?
Sinbad on a adventure

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad will be a TV series next year

Magi's spin off story of Sinbad when he is on the journey to be the king to be adapted into anime TV series next year

God Eater will finish up their run this Winter 2015

God Eater anime series will finish their story in the coming season

Overlord light novel illustrator So-Bin celebrates 2 million copies with an art storm

Overlord illustrator is having a party with news of 2 million copies are in circulation