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Pre-order Fallout 4 on Steam and nab DotA 2 extras

DotA 2 fans now have some extra incentive to pre-order the Steam version of Fallout 4 as players will also receive an announcer pack...
fallout shelter halloween

Fallout Shelter is getting spooky with Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, Fallout Shelter is getting in on the fun with their next update. The All Hallows' Even event will...

Prey for the Gods is literally Shadow of the Colossus for the PC

We never did quite get to enjoy the formula behind the supremely popular Shadow of the Colossus by Team ICO on the PC. Now we...

The limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 is now available for preorder

Remember that Darth Vader PS4 bundle we were talking about some months back? you can now get it for pre-order starting this week! Fans would...
Alien invasion comes to Team Fortress 2

The alien invasion themed Team Fortress 2 update is finally here

The alien "Invasion" update for Team Fortress 2 is finally here, after being in the works for more than a year. This update not...

The BattleTech KickStarter is live!

The classic turn-based tactical BattleTech game returns !

SquareEnix has just announced Kingdom Hearts HD II.8

Look out fans, we have a brand new KH compilation and its called Kingdom Hearts HD II.8