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Honest trailers andy signore

Honest Trailers’ creator has been accused of sexual abuse

The creator and founder of Honest Trailers has been suspended for pending sexual assault investigations
Power Rangers Singapore wedding

This Singaporean couple had themselves a Power Rangers wedding

This couple must be super-fans of the Power Rangers to have them incorporated into their wedding
Comic Fiesta 2016 Cosplays

Check out our Comic Fiesta 2016 cosplay video

Check out some of the coolest cosplays from Comic Fiesta 2016
DC Comics in Malay

You’ll soon be able to read DC comics in Malay

Ever wondered what your favourite DC Superheroes would look like speaking in Malay? Now you won't have to as we'll soon be getting DC...

Need gifts for a comic book fan? Check out our Comic Fan Gift Guide...

Most people have a hard time choosing the perfect gift for their loved ones at Christmas but if you need to get a gift for...

The R2-D2 Star Wars ANA JET is heading to Singapore

The one and only R2-D2 inspired ANA JET is heading to Singapore from Japan and they're now making it possible for a few lucky...
Jaws 19 Anniversary

This Jaws 19 trailer is the latest bit of Back to the Future goodness

Universal actually made this Jaws 19 parody trailer for kicks

STGCC is right around the corner and is bigger than ever!

STGCC 2015 is this weekend, and here's a some of the awesome people and cool things you'll catch there!

Win Western Digital Storage Goodies!

We've got 3 awesome Western Digital storage solutions to win. Check it out now!

First Comic N’ Toys Geek Fest a hit

Western comics, toys and cosplay galore!