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Cast some spells with Ok Google

Let Google help you cast a little magic with a couple of new tricks; so would you want to be a wizard? All you got to...
Google Pixel

Is the Google Pixel their best smartphone yet?

Google's Pixel is the company's best smartphone to date but what does it really mean?

Pokemon Go malware spotted on the Google Playstore

Be wary what kind of third party apps you grab from the Google Playstore for Pokemon Go, as Kapersky Labs have found that there's...

Levis partner with Google to release high tech biking jacket, coming 2017

The Commuter jacket contains conductive fabric which allows you to connect your sleeve with your smartphone. Google's wearable computing initiative Project Jacquard has taken form...
Google Star Wars

Google’s Star Wars easter egg is the best thing ever

A little while back Google gave us a chance to "Choose Your Side" as part of a Star Wars promo campaign that lets you...
copyright strike youtube

YouTube is finally fixing their copyright system

YouTube's copyright system has given more than one YouTube creator a headache, and they're finally doing something about it. For those not in the know,...

The Warcraft Movie Trailer lets you soar in VR

New movie trailer for Warcraft: The Skies of Azeroth gives you a birds eye view on gryphonback

Google giving out free Drive storage for security check

Google is offering 2GB of permanent Drive storage to those who complete their Security Checkup by 17 February 2015.

Keep fit with Google Fit

Google wants you to be fit.

Project Ara will have its own store

People can make their own Ara with special store by Google