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Gundam Build Fighters new anime

Gundam Build Fighters is getting 2 new anime projects

We finally get the title for the two new Gundam Build Fighters anime. Also a first look at the new Gunplas that will accompany them
gunpla expo philippines main

The Philippines is getting its first Gunpla Expo this February

Looks like the Philippines will be getting its first Gunpla Expo

AniManGaki 2016 Roundup: Another year of fun!

Once again AniManGaki opened its doors to the public this year, with the event running over the 27-28 August. Here's a quick overview over...
Gundam Build Fighters Try

New Gundam Build Fighters Try footage and Gunplas announced

We'll finally get to see some new footage from the Gundam Build Fighters series as well as some new Gunplas come August

First Trailer for Gundam The Origin III is now out

The trailer for the third Gundam The Origin anime is now out. Check it out!

Bandai is releasing Turn A Gundam “Moonlight Butterfly” MG

Bandai just unleashed the 100th kit of its Master Grade line and it looks gorgeous