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10 horror games to scare your pants off this Halloween 2016

Halloween is rapidly approaching and not all of us will be hitting the down for some spooktacular party. So in the spirit of the...

Overwatch’s spooky Halloween skins are amazing

Overwatch's all geared up for Halloween, and for the next three weeks these super spooky (and totally awesome) skins will be up for grabs. The...

10 games that will scare your socks off this Halloween

Halloween is just a week away and if you're not heading out for the night or you're not in the spirit of doing spooky jaunts...
Horror anime

Creep yourself out by watching these Horror anime

Need a good scare? How about creeping yourself out by watching these Horror anime
The Sims IRL

5 simple, last-minute Halloween costumes for geeks

Ahh, Halloween. A holiday where everyone gets to enjoy dressing up, eat tons of candy (or attend lots of parties) and do solidly spooky...
The new Pepsi Ghost Bottles

Pepsi Ghost a cool mystery drink for this Halloween season

The question is, would YOU drink it?