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The untitled Han Solo film will reveal how he got his name

Looks like some new details on our favourite smuggler's solo movie are out, as confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger. It's pretty rare for Disney...

Han Solo anthology film might be pushed for a late 2018 release

Rumour has it that the planned Han Solo anthology flick has had its release date revised to mirror the release dates of Star Wars:...

Disney’s planning a Han Solo trilogy with Alden Ehrenreich

After being cast to play a younger Han Solo not too long ago, it's now been rumoured that Alden Ehrenreich will be starring in...

Alden Ehrenreich confirmed as young Han Solo in origin film

Alden Ehrenreich has just been confirmed to be portraying young Han Solo in his stand-alone anthology origin story. Known more for his work in Hail...

Exploring the science of Star Wars

A look into the science involved in Star Wars, from the Millenium Falcon's Kessel run, to a potential Endor Holocaust

Is Alden Ehrenreich the next Han Solo?

It looks like we might have an idea on who young Han Solo will be played by in the upcoming stand-alone Han Solo movie

New poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens surprises many fans

The official poster of The Force Awakens has a few interesting tidbits

Han Solo is set to star in his own anthology film

Now we can be happy to see a film that is focusing solely on our favourite roguish smuggler