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Transformers the movie

A new Transformers animated movie is in the works

A new Transformers animated movie has been confirmed and it's going to be the first of many

Hasbro’s SDCC 2017 exclusives are a heroic blast from the past

With the San Diego Comic-Con just a week or so away, the brands are really busting our their previews to hype for the upcoming...

Hasbro’s G.I. Joe reboot will be taking a more “millennial” approach

Hasbro is interested in bringing on another G.I. Joe reboot, not too long after their last attempt to breathe life into the franchise in...

Transformers: Forged to Fight has characters from almost every gen in game

A new Transformers mobile game in on the way from devs Kabam and Hasbro, and they released a new trailer for the upcoming game. The...

Star Wars Clue has you escaping with the Death Star plans

There's no shortage of themed boardgames produced by Hasbro of their various IPs, but here is a new version of Clue, Clue: Star Wars...

What if war was fought with Nerf guns?

This short film by Nukazooka is all about war, if it were to be fought with Nerf guns. Video after the jump! Watch war as...

Final Fantasy VII is getting its own Monopoly adaptation

Final Fantasy VII just became about real estate as its getting adapted into Monopoly, the family board game we all know and love. The Square Enix...

We take a look at Xiaomi’s Mi Pad Transformer figurine

We take a look at Xiaomi's first foray into the toy market, their Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformer figurine

M.A.S.K. Returns with comic and film treatment!

The hit 80's cartoon will return with a comic from IDW and a film adaptation by Paramount Pictures.
Xiaomi Transformers

This Xiaomi Mi Pad is more than meets the eye

Xiaomi is getting into the toy game with their Transformer Mi Pad toy!