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Elf ear earphones: musical fairy ears for your noggin

If you've always wanted pointy ears but couldn't really put on your earphones at the same time, then you might have just found that...

Sony announces Naruto themed limited-edition headset and Walkman

Honoring popular TV series that has entertained millions, Sony has created a limited edition Walkman and headphones emblazoned with Naruto themes. While the manga and...

[Review] AKG Y50BT: Cutting free

AKG has taken one of its popular headsets and set it free from the cords that bind it. Here's our review of the updated...

Axent’s Cat Ear Headphones now has a working prototype

Anyone wants to have cat ears might want to check these cool headphones out.

Razer Kraken for Xbox One is up

Razer heard the pleas of Xbox One gamers and decided to answer them with the Kraken

Samsung takes on Apple in the audio game with its Beats competitor Level

Look out Beats, here comes the competition in the form of Samsung's Level