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There are legit Dragon Ball burgers in Japan

Japan seems to have a burger for everything and we're rightly jealous. Now it seems there's a Dragon Ball burger you can snag if...
My Neighbor Totoro Mei and Cat Bus

My Neighbor Totoro apparently has a sequel and no one knew about it

Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro apparently has a sequel which hardly anyone knew about

CosCos makeup review : best thing ever?

Ahh makeup. The thing that can totally make or break a cosplay. It's quite an adventure trying to figure out the perfect stuff, but...

Mewtwo joins Pokemon Go raid boss roster

Yes! Another Legendary Pokemon has just hit for Pokemon Go with the reveal of Mewtwo as a raid boss in Japan. The news is courtesy...
LEGO MacBook comparison with real thing

Japanese student builds a perfect MacBook replica out of LEGO

Can you tell which MacBook is real and which is made of LEGO?
game of thrones japanese covers

Check out these covers for the Japanese translated Game of Thrones books

You'd wish these were actual mangas instead of translated books when you see the covers of these Game of Thrones books

Japan’s Don Quijote to land in Singapore

Japan's famous discount store chain Don Quijote is opening it's very first Southeast Asian outlet in Singapore, and we're suitably jealous. Don Quijote, also known...

There’s going to be an actual Ghibli Park to open in Japan!

Looks like Ghibli fans will be able to immerse themselves into the world of My Neighbor Totoro with the opening of this Ghibli theme...

Sony halts PlayStation 3 shipments in Japan

Sony recently reported that it will be no longer shipping PlayStation 3 consoles in Japan and they will no longer be stocking the console...

Mari Car to face trial for copyright infringement

Nintendo is bringing Mari Car to court over copyright infringement after the service used their Mario Kart IP for their rental service. Nintendo is seeking...