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Project Phoenix release delayed to 2018

Remember that RPG Kickstarter project in 2013 that had a whole bunch of AAA game devs working on it? backers for Project Phoenix have...

Ever wanted to date a skeleton? Sukerunton To Koi Ni is just that

Ever wanted to date a skeleton? well with this dating sim Sukerunton To Koi Ni (To Love a Skeleton) you can get your bone on with...

Dragon’s Lair is back, original creators behind Kickstarter

Dragon's Lair, that arcade game from back in 1983 where there was over a dozen ways to die, is on its way to the...

The BattleTech KickStarter is live!

The classic turn-based tactical BattleTech game returns !

Saber Rider is making a comeback as a 2D KickStarter Game Project

Power Stride and Ready to Ride!

Check out the USS Enterprise recreated in Unreal

This is an absolutely stunning recreation of the Enterprise D, we can't wait for the project to become available!

The Flame in the Flood survival game hitting Steam early access 24 September

The river survival game is headed to Steam

Kickstarter project devs face bankruptcy over failed game

It won't be the first time a Kickstarter project crashes after funding, and likely won't be the last

Tangiers is a stealth game that’s strikingly surreal

Set in a spooky parody of London

BattleTech is making a comeback with Shadowrun Returns devs at the helm

BattleTech is gonna have a new game! whoo!