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SWAT-KATS is making a return thanks to Kickstarter

The creators of SWAT-KATS are attempting to bring back the series and they need your help!

Purrfectly Ever After is a beautifully crafted visual novel where you get to play...

Move over gorilla, we now have a reverse harem otome that's the cat's meow.

This iPhone case charges by harvesting your stray radio waves

Wouldn't you like an iPhone that practically charges itself?

Prynt smartphone case lets you print photos on the fly

With the Prynt instant camera case you can use your smartphone Polaroid-style. Literally.

LensRacks will make quick lens swaps a reality

This is a modular lens and gear storage system that would make any serious photog drool

Air Umbrella: A force field from the rain

This may be the closest thing to a personal force field.

A working hoverboard actually exists!

The hoverboard isn't just a fantasy from the movies anymore with Hendo's working prototype

Under the Dog is an anime looking for a Kickstart

Some anime industry veterans have decided to Kickstart a Sci-Fi anime and it looks really promising. Let's hope it gets made

Brick-a-Pic: Immortalise your selfie into Lego artwork

Put those selfies to good use. Get them Lego-fied!

Check out the Coolest cooler, complete with its own blender

Ryan Grepper has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into his invention, the Coolest cooler