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KyoAni’s Musaigen no Phantom World anime series get a visual key

New information regarding about Souichirou Shinno and Shirabi's Musaigen no Phantom World/Myriads Colors Phantom World or 無彩限のファントム・ワールド anime series has surfaced. The new anime is set to...

More details on anime adaptation of Koe no Katachi

New updates regarding about Yoshitoki Ōima famous manga A Silent Voice or Koe no Katachi / 聲の形 anime development as revealed in Kodansha's Weekly...

KyoAni will be adapting Musaigen no Phantom World

The famous anime studio has announced a new adaptation

KyoAni is producing another musical series – Hibike! Euphonium

K-ON! brought KyoAni to success during the early 2000s so will this new upcoming musical series give them the boost again? We shall find out soon enough.