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The LG Rolling Bot is the cutest thing since BB-8

If you're acquainted with Sphero's BB-8, then you'll know how cute a little rolling ball droid could be. LG has debuted the LG Rolling...

LG launches their curved 4K OLED TV in Malaysia

Keeping up with the current trends with high end displays, LG has unveiled their very own curved 4K OLED TV in Malaysia; with super...

Possible LG G4 leaks are here

The South Korean electronics company might be working on G4, the next model of its flagship smartphone.

LG shows off it’s 34-inch gaming display

LG, the South Korean electronics titan announced a 34-inch display made for gamers. Curiously, the company also highlighted its usefulness for stock market traders too.

Could the LG G3 finally be coming to Malaysia?

Latest teaser image by LG Malaysia hints that their flagship smartphone might just be hitting our shores soon. It might be a little too late though

LG G3 Screen to use LG’s own processor

The LG G3 screen will be the first of the company's phones to be powered by their own processor

LG unveils their swanky new G Watch R

Finally we get to see LG's new smartwatch and it looks like a beaut. Now that's something we don't mind draped over our wrists

LG G3 Stylus specs gets outed

We knew a stylus version of the LG G3 was coming and now we know what to expect from it

LG’s next smartwatch ain’t no square

They've barely unveiled the LG G Watch and now they're already going round with their next smartwatch

Is the LG G3 getting a stylus?

Looks like LG is going to pull a Samsung by giving their G3 a stylus