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Live action Naruto screenplay being rewritten by RED writers

Ever since The Hunger Games franchise ended, Lionsgate has been looking for their next big tentpole franchise. Power Rangers was supposed to be that movie. However, Box Office...

Latest Power Rangers clip gives us a look inside the alien ship

A new clip is out for the Power Rangers reboot, and it gives us a good look at the inside of the ship discovered...

Check out these Dinozords from the new Power Rangers movie

More promo material is here for the Power Rangers reboot, and we get to see the Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black and Red Rangers atop...

Lionsgate is looking to expand their Hunger Games franchise

Having suffered a handful of setbacks over the last year, Lionsgate is trying to figure out how to further expand their successful Hunger Games...

Last two Divergent movies get new names, taglines and posters

Now we have the new names, taglines and posters for last two movies of the franchise

Hollywood is adapting Naruto?

Rumours are going around that Hollywood is getting Naruto

It looks like the end times in Mockingjay Part II

Katniss Everdeen leads the final assault in this explosive trailer of Mockingjay Part II

Yes, there is a plan for a Monopoly movie

Lionsgate and Hasbro are planning to bring the old boardgame into movieland