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We might be seeing Dafne Keene as X-23 again sooner than later

Logan director James Mangold has been very vocal about wanting Dafne Keene to return to the big screen as X-23. Now it would seem like X-Men...

Check out Dafne Keen’s badass X-23 audition

Ever wondered how Dafne Keen landed her role as Logan's X-23? this audition tells it all. Logan changed the game, big time. Calling it a comic book movie...

Sabretooth Easter Egg spotted in Logan deleted scene

Everyone expected Logan to be good. But how many of us expected it to be THAT good? Many critics are calling Logan one of the best comic book...

Here are our Logan giveaway winners!

Many of you have entered and quite a handful of you will be walking away with prizes! Here is the list of winners who...

Logan Review

After 17 years of playing Wolverine of the X-Men , Hugh Jackman is finally ready to hang up his adamantium claws in Logan. Following...

Logan movie giveaway

The final chapter for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is nearly upon us, and to celebrate the arrival of the Logan movie we've got a contest...
Logan Movie

There’s definitely a post-credit scene for ‘Logan’

Keep your butts firmly in place during the end-credits of Logan as a post-credit scene for the movie has been confirmed

X-23 and Wolverine go claws out in new Logan pics

Empire Online's dropped a new bunch of still images from the upcoming Wolverine film, Logan; and we get to see both X-23 and Wolverine...

Watch how badass X-23 is in the new Logan trailer

The new Logan trailer is out and now we get to see a lot more of Laura/ X-23 and boy is she angry!
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30 blockbuster movies to look out for in 2017

2017 has hit us, and there’s a boatload of movies coming out. Which ones are for us geeks and pop culture aficionados? Let’s find out!