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Macross Delta film title revealed along with opening date

At a recent announcement event, the upcoming Macross Delta film finally got its opening date as well as the name of the film project. The...

Robotech should be starting production soon

The producers for the live-action Robotech movie dropped some deets on their upcoming movie during Long Beach Comic Con last weekend and it's likely...

Enter the realm of Shadow: Wayang Kulit Mecha

Based on several popular mecha anime, these passionate artists have produced some stellar work. Check out these awesome puppets! The puppets are based on EVA-01,...

The new Macross series will be officially known as Macross Δ (Delta)

Macross Δ is the name of next Macross series and more to come soon

Here are the top Sci-Fi anime you have to watch

Tired of all the slice of life stuff anime is offering. If you want a little bit of "science" , then here are the top Sci-Fi anime you have to watch

VAX set to bring together the best of Malaysia’s creative talent

Also featuring guests like Shoji Kawamori of Macross fame, Hiroyuki Yamaga from Studio Gainax and of course LadyBeard

Macross Δ: The new Macross

Shoji Kawamori is bringing a new Macross series to fans - Macross Δ. Coming soon to a TV near you.