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Kevin Feige just revealed that [Spoiler] isn’t in Avengers: Infinity War

Too bad Marvel fans looks like this particular Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 post-credit scene character WON'T be in Avenger: Infinity War
The Defenders logo

5 reasons The Defenders trailer got us excited

Netflix's four Marvel superheroes have finally teamed up as The Defenders and here's why the trailer has us hyped

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Star-Lord and his band of intergalactic A-holes are back for another adventure in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Can it be as "awesome" as Vol. 1?

Iron Fist Preview

Netflix has kindly provided us with early access to their latest Marvel show Iron Fist. Here's what we thought after viewing the first six...

Marvel vs. Capcom 4 might release in 2017

The next iteration of the popular fighting game, Marvel vs. Capcom is in development and might be slated for a 2017 release. While the game itself...
Captain America Civil War Spider-man

A New Spin On Spider-Man Might Be What the Character Needs

Spider-man has had a rough couple of years his new lease on life both on and off screen, could do well for the character

Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU

After his big brawl with Iron Man at the tail end of Captain America: Civil War, the Cap leaves his shield and walks away...

SDCC 2016: Here’s all of Marvel’s trailers in one place

Too tedious to hunt down all of Marvel's SDCC 2016 movie trailer releases all at once? we compiled them all in one handy place for...
Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

SDCC 2016: Ghost Rider to appear season 4 of Agents of SHIELD

Looks like some vengeance is headed to the Agents of SHIELD TV series with Ghost Rider set to appear in Season 4

The Punisher is finally getting his own series on Netflix

Frank Castle is coming back as Netflix has green-lighted The Punisher series