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More details for the Doctor Strange movie are here

Want More details for the Doctor Strange movie? Disney lets the rabbit out of hat for Master of Mysticism's movie

Catch the public appearance of the Black Panther here

Looks like the firt public appearance of the Black Panther is over at Berlin, Germany

So here’s what happened to the Fantastic Four

What happened to the Fantastic Four movie? Seems that stories are emerging on how disastrous the whole project had been

The trigger that sets off the civil war in Captain America is…

Now, a plausible rumour as to why heroes start fight each other in coming civil war

Groot and Star Lord origins highlighted in upcoming animation

Groot and Star Lord origins will be the highlight of the new Guardians of the Galaxy animation

Fantastic Four bombs badly in the box office

The movie dies a horrific death at the box office, will it affect its prospect for a sequel?

Fox TV wants to make a live action X-Men series

Fox TV is close to a deal for live action X-Men TV series

The Deadpool trailer is OUT and it looks awesome!

The trailer for the Deadpool is out and we can now see the Merc with the Mouth in his full glory

Channing Tatum is staying put as Gambit

Looks like the quitting rumours are bust - Channing is confirmed as Gambit

Gambit might lose Channing Tatum?

Troubling news from Gambit production as the main star might decides to go for the exit