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Spider-man 2

Spidey finally gets to join MCU

Finally, after much pleading and tears of anguish of Spider-Man fans, the web swinger will appear in MCU movies.

Rebooted Fantastic Four finally has a trailer

And it looks pretty good! Hopefully it won't be a bad experience like previous ones.

Sophie Turner to be Jean Grey

We get to know more stars who will act as younger version of everyone's favourite mutants, the X-Men.

Check out the latest trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron

Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are probably wishing that it is May now and they are watching the Hulkbuster going WWF on the Hulk.

Channing Tatum is waging his bet as Gambit

Guess who's playing everyone's favourite Cajun mutant? Mr Magic Mike himself

Ant-Man teaser trailer is out

First proper glimpse at the another Marvel Cinematic Universe hero, Ant-Man.

First look at the Daredevil TV series

We have a first look at the Daredevil TV series. Matt Murdock is back in a Netflix series after the monstrosity of movie by Ben Affleck years ago

Ryan Reynolds is back as Deadpool

How about that? The wise cracking mercenary is coming, like it or not.

X-Men: Apocalypse to be set in the 80s

Apocalyptic showdown set in the 80s.

You have to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron’s extended trailer now

Check out the Avengers crew seeing how "worthy" they are