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The trailer for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse is now out

En Sabah Nur is coming together with his Four Horsemen. That's right, X-Men: Age of Apocalypse's new trailer is now online

The Deadpool trailer is OUT and it looks awesome!

The trailer for the Deadpool is out and we can now see the Merc with the Mouth in his full glory

New promo images of Ant-Man showing his connection to the Avengers

Latest promo by Marvel attempts to link the diminutive hero to the titans of The Avengers

Kotobukiya reveals the Bishoujo Black Canary figurine

Have a look at Japanese interpretation of Black Canary from DC universe.

[Geek Movie Review] The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel's continuation of its superhero epic has hit the screens but does it deliver? We find out

6 Marvel titles that’ll restore your faith in superhero comics

Think that superhero comics are just too mainstream and formulaic? Here are 6 Marvel titles that'll restore your faith in the genre

New scheduling in MCU as Spider-Man swings in

Let's see what is the new lineup and release dates for each movies in MCU now, shall we?

6 comic things to look forward to in 2015

It's 2015 and there's plenty to look forward to in the realm of comics. Here's some things you might want to take note off

6 reasons the DC movies will be great

So Marvel has a head start in the movie world but maybe, just maybe DC's new movie lineups will be great. Here are 6 reasons why

6 reasons why Wolverine’s death matters

Spoiler alert! Yes ol' Wolvie is dead, but being a comic character he'll be back right? Here's some reasons why, despite his inevitable resurrection, his recent comic death is really significant