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Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange

Marvel's Master of Mysticism has gotten an actor and it's Mr Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch

Disney Infinity 2.0 gets heroic with Marvel Super Heroes

The latest iteration of the Disney sandbox game bring in your favourite Marvel heroes to the gaming consoles

[Updated] Rebooted Fantastic Four’s The Thing revealed

Update: Looks like the twitter account was a fake so this is one piece of news we'll have to take with a pinch of salt

The Dancing Baby Groot figurine is coming!

You can thank Funko, the makers of the cutesy POP! figurines for bringing our favourite dancing tree into our homes

Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to Malaysia on 30 April 2015

Time for some Super Hero loving come April 2015

Geek Movie Review: Guardians of The Galaxy

Need a great space romp? Marvel's cosmic hero movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy delivers it brilliantly
Marvel Comics

Marvel’s awesome Comic-Con offer: 15,000 comics for just US$1

15,000 comics for a buck? You're kidding!

Meet the new Captain America: Sam Wilson aka The Falcon

Yep you read that right. There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Sam Wilson