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Maxis Star Wars Sphero BB-8 Contest

Win the Star Wars Sphero BB-8 droid from Maxis

Can't find the Star Wars Sphero BB-8 Droid anywhere? Now Maxis is giving you chance to win it

Maxis gets into the Star Wars spirit with their latest ad

The force is strong in Maxis as it gets into the whole Star Wars spirit
Maxis Screen Savour 1

Taste food off your phone with Maxis Screen Savour!

Yep! There's a screen protector that'll let you taste food straight off your phones

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are officially in Malaysia

Finally the Apple flavoured smartphones have hit our shores. Let the frenzy begin

Maxis lets you “Raya dengan Gaya” with RM100 off on all its devices

It’s time to have some Raya cheer and Maxis is giving you a chance for some of it with some pretty decent discounts on the devices they’re carrying