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NoDrinkChallenge McD

Do the #NoDrinkChallenge and get a free McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

Down a Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe burger without any drinks and you'll get another one for free!

McDonald’s Malaysia adds Adventure Time to its Happy Meal toy lineup!

McDonald's has just launched their new Adventure Time lineup of Happy Meal toys and they look awesome! There are eight toy designs in total, with...
Durian mcFlurry sold out

There’s no more Durian McFlurry in McDonald’s Malaysia

The entire stock of Durian McFlurry was sold out in less than a week in Malaysia. You'll just have to wait till next year if you want one

D24 Durian McFlurry is coming to town this week!

Stop everything! McDonalds is bringing in their D24 Durian McFlurry to Malaysia this Thursday! And yes, it will have authentic D24 Durian in it, and...
McDonald's Rich Chocolate Pie main

McDonald’s Korea has launched a new chocolate pie and everyone’s going gaga over it

This McDonald's Chocolate pie is so sinful
14k Mcdonalds Szechuan sauce

Would you pay US$14,700 for a 19 year old McDonald’s Nugget sauce?

You can thank Rick and Morty for this ridiculous piece of news

McDonalds is producing a VR headset from Happy Meal boxes

Interest in virtual reality is really in high swing with this year looking like the year VR really takes off. And now McDonalds wants...
McD x nanoblock Collection

McDonald’s Food Icons x nanoblock is coming to Malaysia!

If there’s anything we geeks love it’s toys and fast food (well in our Ed’s case, it’s sometimes more of the latter than the...