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Check out the awesome Evangelion themed Shinkansen here

I must not run away....I must not run away....I must not run away...

Could the Fourth Evangelion Rebuild come by the end of this year?

The fourth movie might come out sooner than we think

Brand new Mobile Suit Gundam: The Iron-Blooded Orphans series announced and it looks promising

Bandai and Sunrise Studio reveals the latest Gundam series, hopefully it will be better than the subpar ReConquista series

Japan accepted America’s challenge for a giant mecha duel

Japan might want have a revenge on USA for the recent defeat in female World Cup finals....

New visual key and details on the second Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN episode

The story continues on the tribulations of Char Aznable as he becomes the Red Comet in UC Gundam

New rumours surface on the Power Rangers reboot

Extensive rumours on the Power Rangers reboot now online but how much of it is true?

Square Enix is set to unleash Figureheads soon

Fast and furious mecha action by Square Enix with up to 40 units fighting each other

Aquarion Logos is set to combine in summer 2015

It is back for third time - too many times or is third time the charm?

Rumours of Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken anime?

Rumours of a possible Muv Luv anime have been floating around the internet

These are the anime to watch for Spring 2015

Spring's here and we have our pick of anime to catch this season