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Military exo-skeleton suit TALOS will be ready for US Special Forces soon

Remember the military exo-skeleton worn by the mercenaries in movies like Elysium or Chappie? Or animes like the Starship Trooper OVAs or Metal Skin Panic...
Alderamin on the Sky gets an anime

Alderamin on the Sky is getting the anime treatment

Alderamin on the Sky, third light novel adapted into anime during Dengeki Bunko festival is announced.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been delayed to next year

Ubisoft's open world shooting game got delayed to next year.

DARPA pioneers super-quiet stealth bike

Imagine a motorcycle ninja that is silent and swift. Pentagon is trying to gun for that with the SilentHawk now.

A new human eye-like rifle scope for US Special Forces?

A rifle scope that works as natural as the human eye.