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Matt Groening Disenchantment 1

Matt Groening’s next project to hit Netflix this August

Matt Groening's new fantasy animated series project will be hitting Netflix soon
Kevin Spacey

Netflix cancels House of Cards after Kevin Spacey allegations

The sixth season will be the final season for House of Cards.

Godzilla anime film’s first full trailer previews themesong

A brand new full trailer for the upcoming Godzilla anime film just dropped and it's previewing the theme song by XAI. The song is titled...

Mob Psycho 100 is getting a live-action adaptation from Netflix

Mob Psycho 100 is getting the live-action TV adaptation treatment from Netflix and it will be premiering in just a few months. The show will...

Netflix has plans to spend $8 billion on developing original content

Netflix has big, big plans coming, what with the company intending to push a gigantic amount of cash into developing and producing original content...
iflix vs netflix anime

Your Netflix and iFlix subscriptions are about to get more costly

Hang on to your subs folks, because GST is coming for your Netflix and iFlix subscriptions. The Goods and Services Tax (GST for short) might...

Netflix releases a bunch of encoded tweets for The Punisher

Netflix and Marvel have a new superhero show in the works, The Punisher but they also released a bunch of Morse code tweets that...

The new anime Godzilla has a really weird mug

The latest trailer for the upcoming Godzilla anime movie teases Godzilla's new look but we really get a good look at it thanks to...

New Death Note clip has L confronting Light

Netflix' Death Note has a brand new clip, and it has L confronting Light Turner in a really familiar pose. While not all fans agree...
Astro running away meme

Don’t be a noob. It’s time to adapt or perish Astro

Oi Astro! Why should we pay top dollar for your lousy product when I can Netflix and chill?