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Harry Potter concert fiasco leads to postponement

Remember that Harry Potter concert that was supposed to happen a couple of weeks back? the date has now been postponed due to a handful...

Malaysia once again in danger of anime movie ban with Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game...

Oh no, not again! Seriously guys, can you all stop doing this!

Beauty and the Beast back in Malaysian cinemas on 30 March, without any cuts!

Disney Cheat my feelings! Beauty and the Beast will now be shown in Malaysia on 30 March

Chill out guys, Beauty and the Beast is only postponed, not “shelved”

Beauty and the Beast has not been shelved or cancelled people. It's still postponed until a new release date can be announced

Beauty and the Beast movie has been postponed in Malaysia

The live-action Beauty and the Beast remake has had it's Malaysian release date postponed for the moment. Let's hope we get a new release date soon