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Medibang X Shonen Jump + Manga contest

Be a Shonen Jump Manga-ka in the Jump Plus X MediBang Manga Contest

Ever wanted your Manga to be published in the famous Shonen Jump? Now you've got a chance in the Jump Plus X MediBang Manga Contest

Watch the first 3 minutes of Gundam Thunderbolt here!

The new Gundam anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is coming soon and we've got the first 3 minutes of it here
Build your own Pikachu Plushie

Build your own Pikachu plushie!

Pokemon fans, you can now customise your own Pikachu plushie!
Dragon Ball Family

We look at Goku’s rise to Super Saiyan God-hood

The latest Drago Ball Super anime sees Goku power up even more, to almost Super Saiyan God-hood levels. We explore his journey to his current state

Bandai will be revealing a 1:6 scale new Valkyrie from Macross Delta

Bandai's official Twitter account announced the unveilling of an 1/6 scale new Valkyrie from upcoming Macross Delta during the Tamashii Nations 2015 exhibition. https://twitter.com/t_features/status/657570896572321792 It will...

Here are the top ten manga series that were just too long

Recently, the My Navi Student portal ran an online poll to find which manga series were so long that the readers couldn't continue or given up in the middle. 500...

Newtype Anime Awards 2015 announced

During the Machi Asobi event last weekend at the hometown of famous studio ufotable in Tokushima, the final results of major anime magazine news...

S.H. Figuarts presents new flight ready Cardcaptor Sakura figure

The titular character from Card Captor Sakura is back with a brand new figure from S.H Figuarts, and she's ready to fly back into...

Second Season of Assassination Classroom confirmed

The second season of Assassination Classroom has been confirmed and its set for a January 2016 release

A new Japanese Godzilla Movie is coming in 2016

Japan is finally making a new Godzilla movie after 12 years and you're going to jump when you read who's directing it