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Guests can enjoy Overwatch while awaiting flight

One of the most frustrating aspects of traveling is finding yourself stuck at the airport. Your options are typically waiting for your flight, eating...
Overwatch Junkrat main

The next Overwatch Nendoroid will be Junkrat

Overwatch's resident mayhem maker, Junkrat, is no chibi-fied and available as a Nendoroid thanks to Good Smile Company
Overwatch League rewards away skins

The Overwatch League All-Access Pass rewards are now available

Signed up for the Overwatch League All-Access Pass? You can now redeem all twelve of the away Overwatch skin in-game

New Overwatch League Team revealed, complete with video

A brand new Overwatch League has surfaced, but we certainly weren't expecting a star-studded reveal video. Shaquille O'Neal (yes, the basketball legend) headlines this video...

Overwatch’s Ana and Junkrat are headed to Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is getting two “brand new” characters to join the roster of Blizzard’s MOBA from their other immensely popular title Overwatch. While...

Malaysia’s Team M8 Gaming reveals all-new female Overwatch team

Malaysia's Team M8 has just announced a brand new addition to their growing team with a new, all-female Overwatch team. Given that the competitive eSports...

Overwatch’s Deathmatch mode is the Free-For-All we’ve been waiting for

After the longest time, Blizzard has finally released a Deathmatch mode for Overwatch, and they've also revealed a new map! Overwatch is mostly about teamwork,...

Doomfist already has a bunch of new skins

The newest member of Overwatch's roster, Doomfist has barely been in the game for a month and he's already getting some new skins and...

Four new Overwatch skins are heading our way

Overwatch's first birthday is coming up soon, and they're releasing some new skins to go along with the anniversary celebrations! The new skins are for...

All-female Malaysian Overwatch team announced

Malaysia's first all-female Overwatch team, MBT.Valkyrie, is ready to kick some a$$