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Pokemon Go Halloween event teases new Pokemon

The Pokemon Company has just announced Pokemon Go's Halloween event, but the teaser image looks like we're getting more than just more Ghastly. The promotional...

Pokemon Go showers Trainers with a huge wave of EX Raid Invites

Pokemon Go has just sent out a huge amount of EX Raid Invites, following the login issues that happened yesterday. Players worldwide are getting Raid...

Pokemon Go is down, servers offline

Pokemon Go has suddenly gone offline, causing trainers worldwide to be unable to login. The reasons for the sudden issue is uncertain, but Niantic is...

Mewtwo joins Pokemon Go raid boss roster

Yes! Another Legendary Pokemon has just hit for Pokemon Go with the reveal of Mewtwo as a raid boss in Japan. The news is courtesy...

WTF Did I just watch? DAP uses Pokemon Go in political ad

Holy Copyright infringement Batman! DAP might want to be careful of getting letters from Nintendo's lawyers

Pokemon Go’s got more legendaries coming

Over the weekend Pokemon Go finally released their first two legendaries, Lugia and Articuno, but they're nowhere near done. With the two new legendaries up...
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The Pokemon Go Plus users facing issues following new gym update

Remember the Pokemon Go Plus? apparently, users are running into problems with it when the new gym update went live but no moves are...

Pokemon GO’s Gyms have updated and here’s what’s new

Previously, we talked about the new gym update that was coming to Pokemon GO, and now that it's out here's a bit of new...

Pokemon GO gets new Gym system, raid battles

Pokemon GO has a huge update coming our way, and it will be revamping how Gyms work as well as introducing Raid Battles! The new...

Catch your own Party Hat Pikachus for Pokemon Day!

Much like the Santa Pikachus that appeared over Christmas, Pokemon Go will be host to Pikachus in Party hats from today till 6 March! The...